Purge – Bonnie

It’s damn hard to find any truly great bands who aren’t nothing more than a re-hash of other equally great stuff I’ve heard a thousand times. That’s what’s definitely wrong with the punk-rock music scene at the moment and though the influx of albums sent over the web are, as I’ve said, great, they seem to all be treading a safe line of already established affirmation. So imagine my joy when I came across the band Purge. They were playing a college I used to attend and I sat in the back drinking the cheap bottle of wine I’d bought, to deal with what I thought would be a mediocre cacophony of watered down student bands, waiting with no prior knowledge to be absolutely blown away by this bunch of sweaty, energetic, miscreants.

You could call Purge a cheap man’s Biffy Clyro. In some respects you’d be right. There are similarities in sound plus while Biffy are charging roughly thirty big ones for a seat at the back of a giant sports hall where you’ll spend the evening watching a screen of the show, as the band are so damn tiny from your elevated vantage point to clearly make out, whilst choking on £5 hotdogs and trying to keep down flat £7 pints, the Purge guys have entrance fees ranging from about a fiver to nothing and you’ll be toe to toe with the band avoiding getting drenched by salty sweat. So from a financial point, yes, they are a damn site cheaper. But when it comes to quality of music, Purge trump the Scottish trio with ease.

Shit! We’re getting off the point, nearly three hundred words in and I haven’t even mentioned the E.P. yet. Bonnie is a three track behemoth which takes influence from the long ago sounds of bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains, you could also argue Pearl Jam, working as a pseudo grunge revival far more successful than anything Puddle of Mudd ever accomplished. This dirty distortion is tied together with a slick laid back cockiness that I haven’t heard in a vocalist since that arse-hole from Kings of Leon decided he’d rather sing about his post-sex, urethra burning, piss than anything of actual note.

In terms of production the release is crisp, sharp, and accentuates the intensity of each track. If I was going to be hyper-critical, and a little bit of a prick frankly, I’d say that perhaps the vocals suffer from a slight over-use of reverb. But this is only slight, doesn’t really make the vocals suffer much, and is merely an excuse to remove my tongue from the shit-pipe of the band for a few minutes.

Bonnie is only three slices, barely enough to be considered a starter course, and this is the E.P’s major flaw. It’s too damn short. But most E.P’s are. This leaves the listener frantically clicking the play button over and over after each rotation screaming at the moon “why, you bastards? Why couldn’t you have give me more?!”.

Bonnie is available to down from http://purgeband.bandcamp.com/

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